Stag do

All warriors start in the training arena, the beginning of the road to fame and glory. Over the course of an hour we shall warm you up, show you the good end from the bad end of a sword and how to use it. The rules and the aim of the game will be explained, then we will size teams and armour you up in padded protection from head to foot before entering the padded arena to see who will emerge victorious from the 5v5 battles!

Please be aware this is a full contact sport and the arena will not be held responsible in any way for any of your mates crying like a sissy

Stag do it in armour

If you think you can take the weight then you can fight in harness. We will kit you up in full contact steel armour and try you hand at fighting with steel weapons either against one of your own or a skilled resident fighter


5v5 is recommended by Freedom Sheffield stag weekends for alternative stag do activities in the UK.

Sword covers in blood red...just a happy coincidence