What is HMB?

HMB is historical Medieval Battle, team based armored fighting based around 14th-16th century combat.
An extreme sport, this is full contact fighting with weapons characteristic of the Middle Ages, both wrestling and percussive techniques are used to dominate your opponent.

This is not staged, the battles are all full contact over watched by the referees who have special training and combat experience.

The main idea of this is on the one hand, a hard combat sport, on the other – an opportunity to test the historical equipment in conditions close to real combat. Therefore, to participate in battles one needs equipment that once really existed and the physical fitness to carry it.

In order to reduce injuries the equipment is thoroughly checked before battles to see that all the weapons are blunt and are historically correct.

Unlike historical fencing, historical medieval battle takes a lot from modern martial arts, with wrestling technique as an important component, which is not forbidden, and even mandatory.