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Northern Lists Armoured Combat Arena

Soft Kit and Steel Fighting

1v1 - Duelling - Pro-fights - Full and Semi Contact - Padded - 5v5

It is sometimes referred to as 'armoured MMA', as the fighters are allowed to combine fencing techniques with Judo, Muay Thai, and other martial arts moves – all wearing a full suit of steel armour.

Northern Lists Arena

A list is a medieval fighting arena, and here in Sheffield we have the UK’s first purpose built indoor armoured fighting arena.

This arena has been created to home a permanent location for HMB training, the first of its kind in the UK.

Our list has a padded floor and wall with solid oak beams fence set out at 7 x 12.5 meters to contain the action. There is also a safety cage surrounding the list to protect the audience from broken blades or weapons lost during combat.

Our list is indoor, fully floodlit and has seating with plenty of room for a clear view of the action.

The arena is lined with high density foam tiles to minimize impact.

Suitable for any martial art training.

Coffee and tea available on site at events.

There are ladies and gents facilities available on site.

Private parking for 15 vehicles

For more information about renting the arena for your class or event…

please email