Buhurt Soft – Training for Children and Adults

Buhurt Soft

There are many reasons for a child to be active in a sport, whether it be for health and fitness, or to learn sportsmanship, teamwork and face to face social networking.
Here in the lists we provide equipment and a safe environment for just this.
We will provide you with a helmet, sword and shield, then teach you some footwork, some basic sword strikes and how to use a shield. Then you will be ready for you first dual before going on to fight in mass battles.

First Session 2nd March.

Limited Spaces Available
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HMB Soft

HMB soft is a sport and more competitive than Buhurt Lite.
Fully padded the opponents face off with sword and shield and the hits are counted, fighter with the most points win.

Knight Club

Knight Club in Norwich Castle have been running a club for over 4 years.
We in Sheffield now have the opportunity to have the same experience in your school or club.